Saturday, July 4, 2009


I took a trip to Brussel the other day. I had good intentions, but:
I had to cut it short because Shoes won in Food vs. Shoes.
And Mrs. Camera died.
Then Global Warming sent me a death threat.

But it was nice. I'd like to go back soon.


Being Brussel and all, there were some awesome graffiti.

Daily flea market, huge mess and creepfest.
But tons of fun if you're willing to dig...

Panoramic elevator at Justitiepaleis

One of them looked a lot like Ash Stymest...

By the Grote Markt


Brussel at sunset

Brussel is a really random city. Nothing really makes sense. After seeing the city the only thing that makes sense to me is why Manneken Pis is the symbol of Brussel... because it makes no sense. In all its randomness, Brussel was perfectly lovely.
Grizzly Bear plays Brussel on August 5th, so maybe then.

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