Wednesday, June 24, 2009


...alias Bruges, the famed city of the (amazing) movie In Bruges.

I'm not very fond of Bruges. It is a city suffering severely from its own vanity. They're so obsessed with their own reputation of being a beautiful medieval city that they destroy perfectly good roads just to put in cobblestones, and they remove what they deem as "disturbing" establishments out of the city centre just so that they can build new "old" buildings. I found it tedious, like every inch of the city is so perfect, it becomes boring after a while. Instead of homelessness there is a copious amount of horse poop, and instead of a local there is a tourist.

Anyway, here be some photos.

By the way, I had my first hostel experience in a very long time, there in Bruges. Those travellin' lads, they are so cute...

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